Strength in Numbers - Overview

Shipping freight across Canada

Associations save in numbers

At LSS, we have longstanding relationships developing effective distribution programs for several industry associations, since the mid 1990’s. In particular, our distribution programs for the many members of the Promotional Product Professionals of Canada (PPPC) and the Canadian Hardware & Housewares Manufacturers Association (CHHMA) have proven lucrative with savings in the millions of dollars. So lucrative, in fact, both associations have been kind enough to provide testimonials on our service.

How we develop carrier quality and performance programs

One of the largest ongoing expenditures any company faces is the purchase of transportation services. LSS helps with this major purchase by providing the information most purchasers don’t know or don’t have access to. We have the tools to fill in the blanks.

Transportation is set up to keep you in the dark. You may not pay the tariff but what are you paying? Better yet, what is everyone else paying? How can you make an offer based on virtually no concrete information? It’s anybody’s guess whether you really got a deal or not.

A typical shipper knows the volume, frequency, destinations, size, density and value of their product. In most cases, they know that they are not paying the asking price (tariff) and they have seen a host of “sticker prices” from other carriers to compare. LSS fills in the blanks providing the information where the real deals can be found.

We help you know what a carrier’s actual cost of performing the service is. We help you know what each of the carrier's bottom-line for the service is. And, most importantly, we know what their competition is paying to move similar product, in similar quantities to similar markets and for similar customers. That is where LSS makes your distribution dollars go farther.

Knowledge is power

If you knew what we know, you would improve your distribution costs tenfold. LSS ensures your dealing with as much knowledge about the issues as your carrier has. We put you on an even footing by benchmarking your business against other similar businesses that use similar services to your company.

LSS can benchmark your business because we deal with a wide number of transportation purchasers and an even wider circle of carriers from which we collect the data. It’s a complex industry and not a simple apple-to-apple comparison. Carriers design their pricing to make comparisons extremely difficult but it doesn’t always have to be a case of buyer beware.

Let LSS take the guessing out of the process. Call us today for a no-cost bench marking evaluation.