Planning and Design

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Achieve operational excellence through optimizing your supply chain network. Align your supply chain planning and design decisions to improve customer service, reduce operational costs, and reduce carrying costs, to mention a few.

In today’s world, organizations are under constant pressure to reach optimal operational efficiency and effectiveness while also reducing costs. Achieving these goals in today’s riskier, costlier, and more complex business environment is an enormous challenge. Having the in-house personnel with the skills to analyze, existing operations and create and implement a plan going forward is sometimes even a greater challenge for management.

Turn to Logistics Solutions & Services Inc. to augment your in-house team. We are experienced in every facet of the supply chain and can offer knowledgeable leadership and advice and map out and implement a strategy that will address this highly competitive business environment.

We offer a complete range of consulting services which include:

  • Warehouse and 3PL optimization analysis
  • Operational rationalization
  • Inbound international solutions from the Far East
  • Domestic and cross-border analysis
  • Packaging options and design
  • Customs and brokerage solutions
  • IT and technology solutions
  • Real Estate and facility sourcing

Call us for a no-cost conversation on what we can provide for your company!

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